Carafe Spirale & Bouchon Corolle (095434)

Carafe Spirale & Bouchon Corolle (095434)

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Since 1926, L’Atelier du Vin has specialised in equipment for enjoying fine wine, and is the sole specialist able to cover every step of a wine’s journey from the cellar to the glass. From making, bottling and serving your favourite vintage, L’Atelier will guide you along the way.

Inspired by the art of blown glass in 18th century France, the Carafe Spirale decanter oxygenates wine in a delicate way, while its ribbed structure beautifully displays the colour of the wine. Particularly recommended for young red and white wines of less than five years, the Carafe Lignes is mouth blown and handmade with lead-free glass, and comes with a Bouchon Corolle, a fabric topper, which allows the wine to breathe.

Height: 31cm x Diameter 13.5cm

Capacity: 1.5L

Item code: 201302074


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