Chardonnay Beringer

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Chardonnay Beringer

White Wine from California, United States Of America United States Of America Wine

Tasting notes
Beringer Founders Estate Chardonnay is the perfect combination of pear, apple and ripe tropical fruit flavors, with a hint of citrus and a classically round mouthfeel.

Jacob Beringer left his home in Germany, in 1868, for the sunny shores of California where the soil and climate was perfectly suited for growing wine grapes. In 1870, Napa Valley was his final destination where he bought land with his brother Frederick, in 1875, and they began producing wines that were on the same level as the first-class wines that Jacob had developed in Europe. Beringer Winery was founded in 1876. Chinese workers were employed to hand-chisel rock tunnels that were to be used for the storage and aging of wines. Though these tunnels took many years to complete, they turned out to be an excellent facility till date. Beringer Vineyards continue to house and age fine wines today, in these fantastic tunnels built years ago.

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Beringer Wine Estates
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