En Primeur Wines

Buying En Primeur: "En Primeur" is the purchase of wine while it is still maturing in barrel. The main advantages of buying en primeur are:

  • To purchase wines at the initial release prices. Wines re-released after bottling will usually be more expensive.
  • To secure allocations of small-production wines that may not be commercially available after en primeur release.
  • To own a wine from the start of its life is an interesting aspect to many true wine-lovers.
  • To be able to choose large format wine bottles, such as magnums or double magnums, for better wine aging possibilities.
  • To purchase the latest vintages of a Chateau winery that you have followed over the years. This is especially important for hard-to-find wines, especially when the wine’s demand is higher than its supply.
  • For collection or investment possibilities.
  • To purchase a birthyear vintage for a child, grandchild or godchild.
  • To celebrate a special day such as wedding-anniversary, birthday.

You can buy en Primeur in complete confidence from La Maison du Vin, we  trade wines only with Negotiants, Courtiers  that we have excellent relations with.