Max 3421 - Collection Of 36 Fine Assorted Biscuits (9 Different Varieties)


Max 3421 - Collection Of 36 Fine Assorted Biscuits (9 Different Varieties)

Maxim's from France France Maxim's

Collection of 36 fine assorted biscuits (9 different varieties)

Crispy milk chocolate biscuit with cinnamon

Thin almond biscuit

Tender butter cookie

Vanilla flavour biscuit topped with dark chocolate

Heart shaped butter shortbread

Crispy and melting biscuit caramel flavour

Crispy milk chocolate biscuit with puffed rice

Melting biscuit lightly spiced with cinnamon

Milk chocolate biscuit sprinkled with dark chocolate chips

Ingrédients: wheat flour, sugar, butter, vegetable oil and fat(palm, colza, coprah, coco), brown sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, soja flour, dextrose, almonds, whole egg, skimmed milk powder, eggs, inverted sugar syrup, sugar syrup, glucose syrup, salt, egg white, whey powder, lactose, anhydrous milk fat, puffed rice, lemon peels, flavour(natural flavour, hazelnuts), cinnamon, anti-oxidant E341, emulsifier E322, colouring agent E160, raising agents (E500, E450), Cocoa solids :, milk chocolate min 31.6%, dark chocolate min. 46%, milk chocolate min 33%, Milk solids :, milk chocolate min. 18%, milk chocolate min. 16%
Allergène: May contain traces of ground nut, sesame seeds, gluten.



Item code: 852282075


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