Verres A Cognac (073997)

Verres A Cognac (073997)

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The proper tasting
One should approach cognac with wisdom: first choose the glass, avoid the snifter or cognac baloon, it will bring you too much alcohol. Preferably choose a tulip glass or a simple white wine glass, the straighter the glass, the thinner, the sharper its edge the better.

Please do not warm the glass, here again you will receive too much alcohol. Swirl the cognac three times in the glass. In so doing you lay a film inside that will, by oxidation, give you the full bouquet of the spirit. Watch the droplets , sign of richness, let the cognac breathe, lift the glass to your nose with little strokes , remove it again so as to let your nose adjust and progressively discover the aromas.

Crash a drop between your lips to prepare your palate, serve a small quantity but as often as you wish.




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